Wedded Bliss

Amy Eaton is planning her wedding. I am so happy to be included in those plans. She ordered these two canvases as a part of her reception decorations and then to hang in their new home. I love the khaki and burnt orange color scheme! The top one is a line from their special song. I designed the swirls in the background to spell out the couples' names.
Don't worry if you can't read the one on the bottom. I can't either! I am hoping that Amy will leave me a comment to translate. It is is Hawaiian, which is their theme. I chose the hibiscus design for the background for that reason. I can't tell you how many times I checked Amy's notes to make sure I got that one right!


Amy said…
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Amy said…
Brandi, you are such a talent.
They are perfect and will be beautiful as decoration at our reception and in our new home!
Your added details have made them extra special.
A million Thank you's!

ps: the words translate in English


which is illustrative of our love