Workin' With What I've Got

As the official first day of my break, I made the executive decision not to leave my house today. The only problem is that we are running low on groceries.
I. do. not. want. to. go. to. the. store.
Going to the grocery store every single week is a dreaded errand for me. This morning I made do by making breakfast burritos. We didn't have the stuff for biscuits or pancakes, but I did have fresh tortilla shells. The kids loved the ham, scrambled eggs, and cheese wrapped in a warm little blanket. For lunch, I cleaned out the freezer and found mini cheese pizzas. I am going to have to be really creative for dinner!
I've also got my first Easter decorations up on my mantle. I used my old window pane that my mom rescued from a house that being torn down. She also got me this pretty metal "Happy Easter" at the clearance, clearance sale at Pier 1 last season. Yea! A surprise gift for me!


My husband does our grocery shopping. I'm probably the only woman that hates wal-mart.