Happy Anniversary

Today is our twelve year anniversary. Every year when I see the Bradford Pears in bloom it makes me think back to that day. It was chilly, but I wanted our pictures made outdoors in front of those fluffy white flowers. Mr. Mansfield let me wear his tuxedo jacket in between pictures. We had big silver buckets of Bradford Pear cuttings sitting around everywhere as really the only decoration. It was a small wedding, but I loved it. This is my favorite shot. It looks like a postcard and I always have it in the house somewhere.
Tomorrow I am being whisked away on a surprise overnight trip sans kids. My sweet husband has planned it all. I'll let you know more later...


Ashley Barnes said…
Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a great trip. I can't believe it has been 12 years... I was just 17 lol. I hope you enjoy your week off while I am at work! :(
Paula Wanamaker said…
Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mike:)
Hope you have a wonderful day together:)