All In the Family

Love it on the cream background.

Love it on the chocolate background with a little touch of lime.

I've always loved the original with the black bacground and it is still the most popular. No matter how many of these I do, they never get old. With dates ranging from 1959 to 1983 to just last week, I think about all of the old and new families that are being honored.
If you would like to honor a family, they make wonderful wedding and anniversary gifts, but are perfect for anyone at anytime. The large 8x24 is $30.00. I also do a smaller 4x12 for $20.00. They can be done in any color combination.


Tamara said…
Can I order one for April? I will have to give you details later if that is ok?
Brandie said…
No, it it not too late, Tamara! Just email me with your details.
Angela said…
Aw so glad that these are popular! :)
Alison Cummins said…
I need one of these!!! I will be sending you an email asap.
thank you for painting the one for us...we have it hanging in our kitchen so that we can see it through the entryway when we walk into the front door.