Spring Cleaning

They are all taken except for Gunner. Thank you so much for all of the quick responses. I may have to do this again soon!!

I've been cleaning out things in storage for consignment and hopefully a spring yard sale. I found these samples that I am ready to part with. I want to do all new ones for the May craft show. Their sizes and prices are listed with each picture. They are being sold as is. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

8x10 $5.00

8x24 Ready for personalization $10.00

16x20 $5.00

11x14 $5.00

4x12 $10.00

16x20 $5.00

16x20 Ready for personalization $30.00


Kristin Green said…
brandie!! I want the welcome one!!
Kim C said…
I want the Cameron one..Thanks
Heather said…
I would like the white canvas with blue swirls. Thanks! Heather
Ashley said…
i'll take the ashley one =)
and put it in my new paint room.
Shelly said…
I'd like the 16X20 ABC canvas. I'll email you with personalization info. Thanks!

Shelly V.
Tenara King said…
I want the Elijah one. Can you bring it to me at school? I am in Mrs. Fitch's room. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Would love to have had the Welcome one but it's already spoken for...maybe next time....may have to see about getting you to make me one like that if you could :)
Monica S.
Heather said…
I just want "Heather" on mine...:)