Mr. Clark

My fifth grade girls and I had the idea to take Mr. Clark a gift when we were on our visit last week. I was thrilled to do a special canvas for him. I don't know if he liked it or not, but he sure acted like he did. He screamed and jumped around like we had given him a golden ticket. He called over the maintenance man and told him to go hang it in his office right then.
You would think it would be hard to get so excited over such a small gift escpecially after receiving things like a $365,000 check from Oprah Winfrey and unlimited flights to anywhere in the world from Delta Airline. But no, he made us feel special. I can only imagin how it feels to be one of his students.

Many of you already know Ron'se story. If you don't, you need top. You can check out his website at or even better, see the movie! His story is very inspirational for anyone, but especially teachers.

To see more pictures from our trip, click on the link on the sidebar to my class website. They are a hoot!