A Day in the Life of a Canvas

Canvases are delivered to my home. I always love pulling up and seeing the big box on my porch. I order in bulk so if anyone orders last minute, I have what they need in stock.

After the backgorounds are painted and dry, I use a small brush for the lettering and details. This is a new design that will be featured later. It looks great in any color. I will be using it for upcoming high school/college graduation gifts. All of my work is done at my kitchen table!

Sometimes I have to fight the cats for space, especially when the sun is shining.

After all of the painting is complete, all pencil marks are erased with my big yellow eraser and then each canvas is sprayed with a clear sealant. This step is usually done on my front porch!

When the sealant is dry, the ribbon or beaded handles are added. Finally, the canvases are ready for a business card and delivery. They are off to their happy homes!


Kara said…
I was looking for an old post and I thought that was the sign hanging in Harper's dr's office...too cute!