The Best Valentine Ever

On this day four years ago at 7:55 in the morning, I received the best Valentine ever. My daughter, my sweetheart, my baby celebrated her birthday today. For me, it is so perfect that Lauren Elizabeth was born on Valentine's Day. She entered my life on the sweetest day of the year and every day keeps getting sweeter.
There is nothing more romantic than sitting back with my husband, looking at our beautiful children, and reminiscing about times past as we tend to do on birthdays. Our romantic dinner for two has turned into a birthday party, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Excuse me...I need to go kiss her now.


Anonymous said…
She is Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to you Lauren.
Monica S.
Wesley Hillis said…
I have a special present from Disney for the Birthday girl! I will try to get it to Lauren Wed. at church! Hope she had a great day!!
Ashley Barnes said…
Happy Birthday Lauren! That was a special day when she was born. We had fun at the party! It was a good Valentine's Day with our babies, despite the lack of romance lol.