Bathroom Makeover

My kids had outgrown their bathroom! The walls were pale yellow but become covered with handprints and splashes. The frog theme had gotten a little old for all of us. I also still had lots of baby stuff in the cabinet. Over winter break, we had a big clean out and clean up!
I repainted the walls in a deep taupe with lighter taupe stripes. That neutral color is accented by turquoise towels and mats and a new natural canvas shower curtain. I already had the rustic metal star and it happened to have those colors in it. I replaced all of the frog buckets, cups, and things with brushed silver and dark wicker.
I think it has a cleaner, more modern, and more grown up look to it. I am most proud of myself for hanging the new brushed silver towel bar. That job was harder than it looked!


*TARA* said…
LOVE IT! You did such a great job!
LeAnne Grissom said…
The new looks super, but I love frogs and the old was way cute.... If you feel you have nothing to do and time on your hands my bathroom need a makeover too!!!