Weekend Images

Big and little...she wants to be just like me. We do this all the time, but for some reason this time seeing the big and little versions of the mop and the vacuum made me stop and think about the example I am setting for her. She is always watching me...and taking notes.

D was all tuckered out after watching me fold clothes. Aaahhh, to be a cat.

I had some sweet tea (with Splenda, of course!) looked at all of the new spring catalogs that are rolling in, and studied my Bible lesson. I am teaching the ladies' class next week and want to be prepared. I also picked up these tulips on clearance and am loving them on my kitchen table.

Hope you are having a good Saturday, too!


I spent a lovely day with my girls at Ponce Inlet Florida at a Girl Scout event at the Lighthouse.
Anonymous said…
and you watched the Miss America pageant, of course! Someone should have taken a picture of all the girls piled up taking notes in mom's bed!

Debbie said…
How cute!!! I know you and Mike are great parents! Have a good week!