I love surprises and flattery will get you everywhere with me! I am surprising all of the lovely ladies who left kind comments about my new blog design with treat bags. Each blue themed treat bags contains a pack of beautiful note cards, some coordinating stickers, and a blue toile clip for all of those important papers. So...Ashley, Paula M, Makayla, Stephanie, So Bella Creations, Tabetha, Paula W, Annie, Mandy, and Holly just let me know where to deliver them and they are all yours. Thank you is all I can say!


That is super sweet of you. What a nice suprise.
P.B.M. said…
This is a very nice surprise.
I will be at Pre-Pioneer or can pick it up !
Thanks again.
Love, Paula
Brandie, That is so so sweet of you! I am so excited. Thank you so much.
Paula Wanamaker said…
Thank you so much:)
You are so thoughtful, and you've made my day!
Terry told me I had a phone call, and when I picked it up, Ms. Paula Morris gave me the up-lifting surprise:)
You Rock!
Love to you and yours,Paula Ann
thanks so much, brandie!!! how nice :)

Ashley said…
Am i Ashley? Oh my gosh please say so? Because I am SOOOO excited! Just let me know.
Saylorsmom said…
How sweet of you to do that. You can take mine and Mandy's to school with you and leave it with Susan. Thanks so much!
Brandie said…
Yes, Ashley, you are that Ashley! Tabetha has your treat bag. I am glad you are excited! Thank you for leaving nice comments!
Mandy said…
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Mandy said…
How sweet is that! Love it. Nothing like a little surprise to brighten your day. Thank you!
Ashley said…
Oh woo hoo :) now I just gotta get ahold of tabetha! Thank you so much :)
MaKayla said…
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.annie. said…
Thank you Mrs. Mansfield! I love everything! That is very sweet and thoughtful of you to do that!