Snowmen on a Snow Day

I thought it appropriate to post snowmen on a day like today. We are all still in our pajamas sadly watching the snow melt, even though the sun is beautiful and sure feels good. I may have to paint something for spring today!
Here are two snow cuties I've recently finished up. The tan one is for Stephanie Keith. You all that know Stephanie know that she is so funny! She told me not to put "the Keiths" on this one because she has that everywhere she turns. She said that if people don't know that we live here by now, it's too bad! I had to laugh out loud.
The pretty pastel one was for sweet Mrs. Jill Stubblefield. She ordered it as a Christmas gift for her son, John, and his wife. I love the soft colors she chose. They are perfect for winter. Both of these are 12x24 and cost $40.00.

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Saylorsmom said…
I love your new look!
Mandy said…
Love your new look, too!
Love your new blog look.

The second snowman sign is adorable.