Ringing in 2009

We have a little New Year's tradition of getting together at out house to play games, eat, and hang out with each other. Lauren got "Pretty, Pretty Princess" for Christmas and everybody had to play at least once!

This year we added Carter's new Wii to our list of fun things to do. At first our parents were hesitant to play, but it didn't take long for them to warm up to the bowling. You can see Pa throwing his back out there in the bottom picture! Mike ended up winning our "tournament", but I think it was just because Steve and Memaw left early. Steve was the master bowling a 198 on his second game.

We found these sparkly 2009 glasses at Wal-Mart and had to have them. We all had them on at some point during the night, even Cinco.

If our 2009 turns out has happy and healthy as 2008, we will be in great shape! Cheers!