Back To School Blues

"I am so tired after my first few days back to school that I think I will put my socks on my hands and fall asleep sitting up," said Lauren.  Funny thing is, I feel exactly the same way.  Not only is going back to school after break enough to wear me out, I've also managed to get another ear infection and pull the muscles in the center of my back while putting away Christmas decorations.  Oh yeah, I've also been called for jury duty.  Can anyone say "snow day"?
Teachers know that this time after Christmas but before the weather gets warm is hard.  Snow days are the silver lining on that cloud!  I love my job and my students, but this time of the year kind of gets me down.  In honor of my fellow educators out there, here are a few bright and sunny apples I painted as gifts this year.  Hang in there!

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Precious! Lexi has been asleep every afternoon, too.
Kim C said…
Oh Dear...I hear it only comes in "threes" hope you're done for the new year!!LOL
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