Some of you have been wondering about my colorful hand photo I posted a while back. I have been tie dying! Actually, I did it twice in one week. I had to mix a lot of dye and in the process got it all over my hands. Luckily, it does eventually fade away on skin.
I dyed with my TTU class and had a lot of fun. I got to see some of their final products and they turned out great. They seemed to enjoy the process of placing the colors with squeeze bottles instead of dipping.
Then I dyed with my children's class at Chole's. They had fun, too. Their fun came from making a mess and looking at all of the colors blend. They were not nearly the perfectionists that my adults were!

This is pigment dye available at arts and crafts stores. The shirts are presoaked in soda ash to prevent any color fading wash after wash. It is much brighter and lasts much longer the Rit dye. I chose neutral fall colors of raspberry, teal, goldenrod, and nutmeg brown. They are also available in a rainbow of color choices!
Our shirt designs were created by folding the shirt like a fan and only using a few rubber bands just to hold the folds tightly in place.

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The Craven's said…
Mine turned out great too!
I loved making it :)
Sheila said…
Brandie we did these for our 5-8 grade Vaction Bible School this past summer. so much fun.
Have a blessed week.