There's Nothing Like Family

What better way to commemorate my 500th post than by honoring families. My family is so special to me and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with them over the past few days. I loved seeing my children play with my cousin Chris and Desiree's children just like we used to do.

I had many customers who chose to honor their families this year with a family name canvas. I liked looking at the "established" dates. Some were from as far back as 1947. Some were as new as 2007. However old or young these families may be, they are special to those people for many of the same reasons that mine is special to me.

We just had your basic, traditional Christmas with not too much going on. I ate too much, slept late and took a nap, played with the kids, and am now looking at one huge mess to clean up...sometime. I got a new coffee maker and plantation blinds. Carter said it best when he looked at me on the way home from my mom and dad's last night, "Mom, this was the best Christmas, ever".

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SWIRL said…
You hand paint all these? Your work is beautiful!