Gorgeous New Monogram

I have a gorgeous new monogram style that is my new favorite. Diane Knowles wanted a large burgundy H on a khaki background. She also requested a much larger size canvas than what I usually do for monograms, a 16x20. Since I was only putting one letter in such a large space, I used the inside of the letter to create this vine, ivy, and leaves design. I just think it turned out really pretty.

I can't wait to try this with other letters and colors. I am going to make the time in January to do a black M on the khaki background for my front door. This one looked so good on there it made me want one, too! I also think a navy letter would be beautiful on light blue or even pale yellow for spring. Oh, the possibilities!

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Anonymous said…
I love this!!!
Anonymous said…
Another favorite! Mom is going to want this one to match her new kitchen!

Wesley Hillis said…
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Wesley Hillis said…
oh Brandie I love this one!! SO pretty!!
Mim said…
WOW! This is my new favorite also. Got to get this!!