I've had several orders for signs for people's second home, cabin, or little "getaway". Dr. Dennis Jeter has a hunting cabin up on the mountain which he lovingly named "Possum Hollow". His assistant, Jackie Patterson, ordered this camouflage canvas for him as a Christmas gift.

Tommy and Patti Clark have a cabin in Rock Island that they have named "Better than Nothin'". Patti's friend, Susan Grandey, wanted to get her something special for her special place for Christmas. She said they had kind of a pine tree and river theme with some of their decorating. She requested rope instead of ribbon to give it a rustic look, but I couldn't find just the right thing. I did find these beautiful wooden beads in neutral colors and earth tones.

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Susan said…
Brandie, Patti absolutely loved her painting!! I loved the beads that you put on they were perfect and I liked it better than the rope! Thanks again! I'll look forward to seeing my next project you are working on for me!