Family Tree

Mike took the kids' picture every Sunday morning in December! They did look pretty cute in the Christmas clothes. It is also a once a week opportunity to get both dressed nice and clean at the same time! Still, they were relieved when he did not break out the camera this morning.

In keeping with my family theme, I am so proud to show you all Tonya Rains' family tree. She ordered this for her mother and father as a Christmas gift. The family tree was all her idea, but she left the design and colors up to me. I think it turned out really simple and pretty and I love all of the greens.

I wanted to show a close up so you could see all of the children's and grandchildren's names on all of the branches. Tonya, you have a wonderful family! Thank you for asking me to create this tree for you. I hope your parents loved it!

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Debbie said…
Brandie, you are pretty inside and out-we just love Lauren and your family. Keep letting your light shine, shine on girl shine on!!!! Love, Debbie H