The Joy of Leaves

My Wednesday afternoon art class at Chole's got slightly distracted by the beautiful leaves this week. Linda Dunlap's yard is full of huge maple ad oak trees that have produced piles and piles of colored leaves. We used the leaves for leaf printing and they turned out so pretty.

We stamped on large sheets of newsprint. For the crafters out there, these pages make beautiful scrapbook backgrounds and are also perfect for wrapping fall gifts.

Nate and Mia Grace Cantrell are natural born stampers! It must be something about those Cantrell kids...everything they tried, and believe me Nate experimented a lot, turned out gorgeous!

At the end of the class, Carter and Saylor had to go out and play one more time. Here they are playing "mummy". I also got these adorable shots of their sweet little faces buried in the leaves.


Saylorsmom said…
Thanks for the cute photo of my Saylor. I love it!