Cat Nap

Our new baby, Cinco, can sleep anywhere anytime. Lauren likes to tuck him in while he is napping and it doesn't bother him a bit. Don't we all wish we slept that sound?
I did have a very restful Saturday today. I went to the Ladies' Retreat at the Cottage. I didn't go spend the night last night, even though I am kind of wishing I had after hearing all of the fun Bunco stories! I also heard that Katelyn Parish did a fantastic lesson.
This morning started with a delicious breakfast that I am sure Trina Farriss had something to do with! McKenna Rhea brought the first lesson of the day about perfection. We had to write down our most perfect quality and then our worst quality. Talk about thought provoking! Then, we tied the two cards together and thought about ways to use our best quality to improve our worst quality. There were lots of laughs and tears as we went around the room and discussed.
Kelly Dyer did the next lesson about signs of life. She talked about all of the signs she wears everyday and the difficulty of juggling all of the jobs you must juggle as a busy woman of today. Sometimes I feel like I am the only on with a messy house, crazy kids, and even crazier schedule. It was nice to be reminded that I am not alone. Not only are most other women going through the same things, but God is always there.
Tammy Young and Sonya Cantrell provided lunch of homemade soup and pimento cheese sandwiches. I don't know who brought that cake, but yum! The wonderful Kaye Ramsey finished out the day with a lesson on church signs. She is a hoot! Not only was her message uplifting and inspirational, but laughter was the best way to end the day.
Anne Vance and Sonya headed the whole thing up and did such a good job. Everything was so organized! Diane Morton and the Cottage was clean, beautiful, and very accommodating for our group.
I don't know why I named my little business "Dream Custom Artwork". I came away with a quote from today that really touched my heart and expresses how I feel about my life. I think I may have found my new slogan...

"God's dreams for you are so much bigger than any dream of your own."

Have a good weekend. Hug your sisters.

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thats great I love it! your awesome brandie!