Close Call

Last night Mike and Carter were on their way home from the Vandy/Duke game and hit a deer just outside of Woodbury! Thankfully, they were okay. The airbags went off and they were shaken up a bit, but fine.
Our car is a different story. There is heavy damage to the hood, windshield, and just the entire front of the car. It was a scary experience. Lauren and I were shopping at Wal-Mart when we got the phone call. It just gives you chills! I am continuing my list of things I am thankful for by adding safe trips to and from all of the places we go.
Drive safely!

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Those Woodbury deer are CRAZY! Seth and I had the same thing happen on the way home from hockey last season. We saw him and had come to almost a complete stop to his side so that he could go on across the street without worrying about us hitting him but before we were to a complete stop he freaked out and, instead of running the way he was facing, he turned around really fast and ran right into the side of the car!

I'm so sorry to hear about Mike and Carter's run in with the deer but I'm so glad to hear that they're both ok and unscratched!
LOL...once again, I forgot what name I was posting under! It's Ashley...I'm sure you figured that out though!
Paula B. said…
We were coming back from Murfreesboro about 8;30 Sat. night, we saw a dead deer lying on the side of the road. I bet it was Mike's. I said look someone hit a deer. Glad their alright.
Ashley Barnes said…
Thank God they are both okay! That is so scary. Adam said Mike took Carter on the juvenile hunt after all lol.