What Did I Do With My Saturday?

What did I do with my Saturday? I found myself thinking that I didn't do much. But when I sat down and started making kind of a mental list, I found that I had actually been very productive. I started the morning with a two mile walk before going to Carter's soccer game. They won 3-0!

Then I went to the grocery store and got groceries for the whole week. That is a huge timesaver in the long run!

I made a flower arrangement and a loaf of banana bread for someone at church who need a little "pick me up". Then I made another one for me! Those big bundles of sunflowers were irresistable!

I spent the rest of the afternoon painting! I got a whole bunch started, but none completely finished. I guess I'll have something to do on Sunday!

My back started hurting and I felt like moving around, so I decorated the front porch for Halloween. I love my giant candy corn! My dad brought me a box full of "baby pumpkins" so I was excited to get them out, too.

I made my dad a banana caramel pie as a "thank you" for the pumpkins. Yes, that is Heath Bar crushed up on top. Yum!

Finally, before we went to bed Lauren wanted her fingernails and toenails painted sparkly for church. This was, of course, after cooking dinner, getting clothes laid out, and giving baths. What will I do next?


Anonymous said…
you are one busy momma! And you found sunflowers!

debbie said…
You are a great Mom and an excellent example.:)
Angela said…
You HAVE to post that banana pie recipe!!!
I hung up my pumpkin this morning. It is beautiful!!!