My TTU Art Class

I am teaching a class on using art in the classroom for Tennessee Tech's 2+2 Program. This is an excellent program to prepare new teachers. I wish this had been around when I was going back to school! Anyway, I wanted to share some of the things we have been doing. We did sponge painted mosaics with an underwater theme. The mermaid won our class contest, but they were all really good!

Next, we did the letters of the alphabet using colored string and Elmer's glue. The glue dries hard and the letters almos thave a plastic feel to them. Isn't that neat?! The "E" won this contest...but I secretly like them all!

Finally, this past Monday we made art out of our names written in cursive. This is done with folding the paper and cutting, kind of like when you make paper snowflakes. Some of them turned out to be very abstract, beautiful pieces of art.

I am enjoying teaching this class very much. I have a great group who work very hard and will someday make wonderful teachers. I am meeting a lot of new people. It makes my Mondays alot brighter! It is also alot of fun for me to plan and the participate in these activities. Some of the students are perfectionists (I can relate!) and are stressing about being our of their comfort zones. Hopefully, we are all learning that art can be fun...and even maybe a little relaxing!

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Tenara King said…
I love the pictures of our art. I love art class. I really have enjoyed getting into my creative side that I didn't realize that I had it. :) And I love how its things/ideas we can use in our own classroom
LeAnne Grissom said…
This is so cool. Maybe you will be my teacher soon. It is cool that you are doing this and it is something that you love. Have a great day.
Susan Helms said…
Hey Brandie! I frequent your blog via tabetha's blog. I really enjoy your artwork. I plan to order a teacher's sign for myself once I graduate. I am attending the 2+2 program at the Motlow Lynchburg campus. Are you going to be teaching there?????????