More Scarecrows

I love these scarecrows! This is the larger versions of the 5x5's that I posted earlier. It is basically the same sweet little face, but more of the body shows. I did one in jeans and one in overalls. Also, one has a fall leaf in his hat and the other a sunflower.
Both of these sweeties are for Suzanne Prater. She has two doors that open up to her back patio and wanted a scarecrow for each. I chose my favorite new color, I call it celery green, for he background. It is a lighter color, but still perfect for fall. I also used three different colors of sheer ribbon, green, burgundy, and brown, to make a pretty bow for hanging.
It felt a little cooler this afternoon...I think autumn is in the air!

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kandice patrick said…
love these! how unique :)
Ashley's Attic said…
It was so nice to see you and Lauren yesterday! I'm still laughing at Lauren needing to get Baby Stella some 'warmer' clothes! Because of that, I have tagged you for an award...go check out my blog for details! And come back to see us soon!