Halloween Witches

I thought and thought and thought about what to do for Halloween. I came up with these skinny little witch legs! I actually started out with the cool purple buckled boots and worked my way up from there.
The larger one is 8x24 and costs $30.00, and the smaller one is 4x12 and costs $20.00. This design definitely works best on the tall, skinny canvases.

I think they turned out pretty cute and definitely original! Happy Halloween, or should I say, "Best Witches"!

Both of these cuties are gone, but I am accepting custom orders for both sizes. More will be available at the Autumn Street Fair as well! Thanks so much for your interest and sweet comments.

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ellaandmommy said…
These are so cute, Brandie! Great job. I always enjoy Halloween so much. :)
Angela said…
I love those! Fabulous as usual!
Kelly said…
Brandie, These are so cute! You did a really great job. You're so creative! You probably already thought of it, but at Dollar General I seen a Christmas rug that reminded me of this. It had Santa, reindeer and elf legs. It was sooo cute, especially the elf. Keep up the great work!!
Alison Cummins said…
I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! All I can think of is the witch on Wizard of Oz being under the house! :)