You Just Can't Hide...

...that Pioneer pride! I've had so many teachers from the high school and middle school order red, white, and blue Pioneer canvases. I am so glad that the teachers in our schools take pride in their work and where they work. This creates such a respectful, appreciative environment for our students. Those are traits that I certainly want my children to see in action!
I also love that teachers form friendships. Most of my very best friends are the people I work with. Cathy Bennett ordered this one for her friend, Pam Youngblood, for her birthday. Cathy, Pam, and all of you teachers and teachers-to-be keep up the hard work. You know what they say, "Teachers touch the world".

While I'm on the topic of education, I have to say congratulations to Mrs. Betty Wood. Mrs. Wood was recently honored as one of the best principals in the state. She was a teacher at Irving College when I was a student there in elementary school. I loved and respected her then and I still do now. When I am looking for a strong female role model, she is a good one to turn to.

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