The Olympics

I have never been a big fan of the Olympics. It's just not something we watched much growing up and I've never really been into sports. This year, my feelings toward the Olympics have changed.
Last night we watched Michael Phelps swim his way into the record books and it was an amazing thing to see. We've also been watching the gymnasts do things bodies shouldn't be able to do. That's not what changed my mind.
Yesterday Carter was in the tub splashing around and I asked what he was doing. He simply replied, "playing Michael Phelps". Later in the afternoon Lauren had Carter's old kindergarten sleep mat out doing her "tricks". I complimented her and she said, "I need a gold medal".
The athletes who I pretty much ignore are heroes to many, including my own children. These are people of all kinds who have given their lives to their sport. Not only are they good at it, they are the best. I think that deserves a few more minutes of my time.

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