More From the Pumpkin Patch

I finished a couple more pretty pumpkins this weekend and wanted to share them. The top one is for newlywed Holly Elkins Luna. It has a chocolate brown background and she requested black accents for a more elegant look. I think she was right!

This pumpkin has a burgundy background and a harvest gold ribbon. This one is a gift for one of my best customers, Angela Cargile. She is the one who came up with the black and khaki family canvases that have become very popular. I wanted to thank her for ordering from me and for coming back again and again. She was pretty excited! I was so happy to do something nice for her.

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Angela said…
Oh it's beautiful!!!! I can't wait to hang it on my front door. You are the best and SO sweet. Thanks again for my special gift.
Joanne said…
These are so pretty. I love autumn decor, the colors of this time of year.