Vacation Part 3

We are home from vacation...whew! We had a wonderful time, but as always, there is no place like home. Now I am looking at a mountain of laundry, suitcases, and shopping bags. I plan to enjoy the fourth with my family and then get to work.

I had to share this picture of Montecello. Isn't it a beautiful home? To me, it truly is timeless. I admire that classic style. I am also sharing the family picture Lauren took. She was really wanting to use the camera. It turned out pretty cute, but too bad for Mike!

Here is the hilarious picture of Lauren and her famous "Montecello meltdown"! My little diva had had enough of the sun, heat, vegetable gardens, and historical markers. We found a shade tree and some skittles and a diet coke that made it all better!

Finally, here is Carter really getting into things. He enjoyed all of the soldiers, guns, cannons, battleships, and bows and arrows. All of the boy stuff, I guess!

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