Summertime Giveaway

I love giveaways and I haven't had one in a long time. I really enjoyed painting the swirly canvas for Mrs. Patrick and decided to try the same technique in other colors. I did two 8x24's in a golden yellow and aqua, and one 4x12 in a dark lime green. I personally like all three!


Here is how you can win one...Leave me a comment about your best summer and you are entered in the drawing. Was it a childhood summer? A wedding? A birth? A really cool trip? Also, let me know if you have a link to my blog or post about the giveaway on your blog to be entered again. Last day to enter is July 13th. The winner chooses one to be customized for free and the other two will be available for purchase.
Thanks so much and I look forward to reading about your good times!

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My most favorite summer was the year (2006) John and I went to Hawaii together. He and I were giving John Ryan this as a present for graduating WCHS....well....he was afraid to fly so we cashed in his ticket and went on anyway. We spent 7 days and enjoyed them fully. My friend Mona lives there and we stayed with her and her family. We didn't do much "tourist" things...we did what the locals do and it was so relaxing. From swimming with the fish at Hanauma Bay to watching the surfers at Sandy Beach we truely enjoyed ourselves! Learned how to cook Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. That was neat. Grandma Fujimoto (who is 95) cooked every night. And those never ending stories of how John freaked out on the plane when the pilot announced that we were going to have to pull back into the terminal to let a mechanic on board to fix an oxygen mask (which had fallen down because a man did not check his huge luggage and chose to try to squeeze it in the overhead storage area) John embarassed me to death! It was so funny when people would call on our cell phones and want to know what we wanted to do about the games being rained out at the Civic Center and we would laugh out loud when we told them we were 4,900 mi away.

I have posted a link on my blog telling everyone to check you out!

I would love to have one of these beautiful paintings to help me with my "renovations from the tornado".

I Love Your Work!!!!!

ellaandmommy said…
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ellaandmommy said…
Hey Brandie!
One of my favorite summers growing up was the summer I spent at Short Mountain Bible Camp. Part of my job was lifeguarding at the pool there. However, I did things there I never thought I would.(The whole camp ran out of water) :) It was alot of hard work but it was one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had. I came to understand why God calls us to be like children and decided that I wanted to work with kids in whatever profession I pursued. I made some lifelong friends and memories there. I grew into a young woman that summer and left that mountain a stronger Christian.

Hope you're having a great summer!


I have you linked on my blog and I'll post about your give away.
Paula said…
My favorite summer has been this summer.
I have never been able to take the summer off, I've always had to work. This year I promised the kids we would be lazy everyday(and we have)swim everyday (we almost have) and go on a vacation (which we are). This has been our best summer yet.
My children are 16 and 15. Time really gets away from us, probably not many more years that they will want to go with mom and dad anywhere.
I have your blog posted on mine so anyone who visits me can link to yours.
I am sure going to miss Lauren this year. She is so funny.
LeAnne Holt said…
Hey girl! My favorite summer's are the summer's we spend with family!!! We go every year with one side of our family.... This year we are actually going with both sides. We went with my family to Disney in May, & we are going to Destin in Oct. with his family :o).. Those are the best trips - not only do we get to all be lazy bums together, but those times I hold special in my heart. I want my kids to get to spend as much time with their grandparents as possible..

Well, those are the best summer trips we have :o).. I hope to win one of your paintings, because I am gonna have to place another order for some more :o).. I will also put a special link on my blog to send them here to register!

Thanks so much,

Tenara King said…
Brandie, my favorite summer is this year! My son, Jax, has finally got to the age to love to swim. We have a pool here at the house and he loves swimming. We get out there everyday we can. He also played t-ball for the first time this year. This summer has just been the first of everything for our family and I am loving it. We are also going to the beach this summer. It will be the first for Jax too! I can't wait.

I just love your work and talent. I have your link under my favorites and will do a post to tell everyone about your giveaway! I love entering giveaways! :) Have a great day Tenara
wow. i love these. My best summer was the one right before I met my husband. I looked great, I traveled, I partied. It wore me out so much that I settled down with my husband right after!
Ashley's Attic said…
My favorite summer is this one! I think 22 has been my favorite age so far and I really feel like, through my internship and my non-profit work, that I'm FINALLY making a bit of a difference in the world. Plus Seth and I just got engaged! I have the best reason for needing to win decorating-type stuff...I'M GOING TO HAVE A HOUSE TO DECORATE! Summer is my favorite season, so it would be only appropriate that I would go all out on the decorating for Summer.
susan grandey said…
This summer has been my favorite summer. I think I have just taken the time to not kill myself and not sweat the little or the big things. I have enjoyed spending Sunday afternoons at the lake, watching my youngest daughter, Leah, play ball at Midway and I have enjoyed cooking home-cooked meals that I don't get to do much when school starts back. I have also enjoyed spending time with my oldest daughter, Lauren. She has been home this summer from college and not working. Plus I have really enjoyed spending time with her and her boyfriend, Scott. I haven't played board games in years and we have had a ball staying up late and seeing who is going to win!!

I saw this on Simply Joy Catering Blog! Hope I win!
Saylorsmom said…
I think this summer is the best! We just returned from Florida and made so many new friends. Our kids played together and we all watched each others kids so everyone had time to themselves. We ate watermelon everyday and our hotel had kid's games and they won ribbons almost each day. It was such a good feeling staying there and being with all these great people. We are all going back the same time next year and are already emailing each other wishing we were back again. I also have a link to your blog on my site.
Paula Wanamaker said…

Summer is a wonderful time, and I honestly have to say, I can't list just one! From summers of long ago, spending time at Grannyma's house with Alison & Jennifer-playing "beautyshop" or "office" & "school", high-school summers with friends-going to the lake, concerts, parties, and riding the "strip", now spending time with my boys is what's the best! Keeping the highway hot-driving Carter to therapy-because I know my wish will come true:) Watching Salem make homemade ice-cream-(he thinks he's BobbyFlay!ha), Everyday is special, especially when you spend it with family and friends you love:)
I hope I win--you know I'm obsessed with contest:) I love all 3, but am especially fond of the orange one!!!
Love to you and yours this summer:)
Paula Wanamaker
Ashley Barnes said…
Am I allowed to enter? lol. Just in case... my favorite summer was of course 5 years ago this Saturday, when I was married!! Of course, I have your link on my blog. :)
Jess said…
Hmm..Favorite summer..probably last summer! We welcomed our second son Barker to our family and I didnt start nursing school till the fall so I spent everyday with my two precious job and no studying..those were the good ole days! as a child..summers meant swimming all day everyday, and having water balloon fights with all the neighborhood kids!boys vs. girls of course!
Lara Kate Haley said…
All of my summers are great so I am gonna tell you about my worst summer well I wouldnt say worst but it has not been the best. I broke my nose at basketball camp for about the 5th time but only the second time I have had surgery on it. Yes that is right I have had surgery on my nose the same exact week the past two summers. Last summer the surgery went perfect and after a week I was back to normal . Well this time it is not that way I have started having nose bleeds which I have never had before not even when I have broke it in the past. I went back to the doctor yesterday and they said the only thing that would fix it is plastic surgery and I have to wait till I quit playing ball to have it so in the spring I am gonna have plastic surgery that will be an experience but I am sure god will pull me thru all of this I just think about how many kids have so much worse wrong with them and I am complaining about a nose bleed... lol
Well I hope I win!!!
kandice. said…
my most favorite summer was the summer i married my best friend. there isnt any other way how to put the feeling and sense of accomplishment i got. walking down the aisle to the man of my dreams was not only the start of the night, but the start of my future too. i have a very special dad that i dont get to see much, but when i was two i was blessed with a bonus(stepdad) also. my real dad was able to come to my wedding from hundred miles away to get to see my on my big day. other than marrying jerry it was also the best day of my life too. every girl wants a real dad she can run too to cry on, ask for candy..anything and that day i could do that. i was his little girl again. and when i was jerry at the end of the aisle waiting for me i knew god had blessed me with not only my dad sharing the best day of my life with me, but he also blessed me with my soulmate.(whom is 7 years old than me, like you and your hubby hehe ive done reading on your other posts). thats why 2007 was my best summer ever
Stacey said…
All my sons and my little brother, Joey were born in the summer. So each of those summers holds their own special memories. I have also enjoyed each summer, since I started teaching. This one has been extra special. I took one off for the first time in six summers. Madison and Bella have been with me each day. It has been a true joy to me, and I have loved every minute of it. I don't have one in particular, all of them are special for me because of the wonderful memories. I cherish each summer, but I will soon be ready to see my school family.
Mandy said…
Hey Brandie! Well every summer is a favorite for me. I love summer for soo many reasons. My birthday is in July along with Brad's and our anniversary is in July too so it's always a great month! We usually take some great family vacations which are soo fun. This year Holly and I are going to Cancun so we are excited! Anytime that it is warm and sunny outside is a favorite! Happy Summer to you!
Katie Jane Tubb said…
Hi Mrs. Brandie,

My favorite summer was the summer of 2006. My mom coached my fast pitch team. We were called Kuikahi. (in japanese that means "Strike As One") We practiced all the time! We had so much fun! We won the season and mom rented us a huge limo for winning! I loved that summer because I got to spend so much time with my mom!

Katie Tubb

PS-I posted a link on my blog for all of my blogger friends!
Kristin Green said…
I would have to say my best summers was the summers I spent with my aunt fairy before she passed. She was like my second mother. I would always go out her house and climb trees, ride a four wheeler, I always got to make me place outside on the porch and I would just sit and paint. It wouldnt ever be anything good lol but to her it was the whole world. Mind you this is when I was around the age of 10. She always was there when my mother couldnt be. Growing up my dad was in and out of my life and when my stepmother forgot to pick me up from an event, my aunt drove all the way to town at midnight to pick me up. Now back to the story. Those summers was my favorite. I think about her all the time even though its been now five years since she passed. My Pa( my uncle and I called my aunt gran gran) told me he wanted me to have something after her funeral. I went back to their house and he handed me a box. I opened it curiously and their lay in it all of my paintings I had EVER painted for her. It also had a note I had wrote to her just saying I love you on it. My pa said she called it her treasure box because it was filled with treasures that I had made from my heart for her. That is why my blogspot is called custom art treasures. I couldnt help but start crying. To have someone keep everything I had ever doodled and painted meant so much to me and showed me how much she truley cared for me. I miss her greatly but because of her I am who I am today:)she will always be my hero.

I also posted you on my blog!
Andy's mom Dot said…

January 18,2008 our 4 year old boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer stage 4.Since then we have been fighting this very evil disease.

11 days ago Andy received a stem cell transplant to help save his life.2 days ago,my family was suppose to go to the beach for 2 weeks.Instead,2 days ago we got the news that the stem cells are working,and our son probably has normal bone marrow for the 1st time in a very long time.

Our family will not see very much sunshine this summer,nor we will we see a pool or a beach.We will see Vanderbilt Children's hospital and the Ronald McDonald house.

But,what we have seen this summer is the awesome love of God and of our friends and neighbors.We have even seen support and love from people that we do not even know.

This summer we have finished chemo,we grow bone marrow and we take 12 rounds of radiation.It is the best summer that my family has ever had because our son Andy is alive!!!!!!!!

Love,Dot Dunn
Rachel said…
My favorite summer was when my family and I went to Nauvoo Illiniose. we got to see a bunch of church stuff- it was tons of fun!

Thanks for doing this, and I am putting a post about this on my blog.
Kirby Williams said…

My best summer was last year. It was great because it was my first summer as a mom. It was so much fun getting to do all the different fun things with Connor. His first trip to the pool, the lake, and his 1st Fourth of July. Last summer was also special to me because the exchange students we had in high school came and stayed with us for most of the summer. It was a time I will never forget and I made memories that will last a lifetime.
Hope everyone is having a great summer with their families.
Makayla S. said…
Is it to late to to enter?