One Cute Apple

Jennifer Carter at West Elementary is getting this cute dotted apple for her room. She wanted something with polka dots and primary colors. She also wanted something a little different. I love it when someone says that! That means I get to sit down and put on my thinking cap.

When I am looking for a new idea, I sketch out original ideas, look at magazines and websites, and I have a folder full of little snippets of things I like that I have collected over the years. Sometimes it is really hard not to just copy something I like. I think the thing to do, to be truly inspired and not just duplicate, is to look at the original and decide what it is that appeals to you. Once you have that, spend some time applying that to what you already do and really making it your own. Inspiring someone is flattering, being copied is disrespectful.

This apple is inspired by my new MiniBoden catalogue. I love Boden clothes for women, but the kid's clothes are what I have to have! Click here to see for yourself. I love their big dotted strawberry tank top (the apple), the shape of the apple on the apple swimsuit, the stripe on the french hen t-shirt (stem and leaf), and all of the striped towling shorts (background). You will not find my exact apple anywhere on that site. Hopefully, my apple looks like it belongs there though!

Thank you, Jennifer, for your order. I hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind apple and have a wonderful school year.

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Tenara King said…
I love it! TOO CUTE!!!!!