Follow Your Own Path

Tonya Scott ordered this Bible quote as a teacher gift for Robin Burton. She told me that when Robin was making the decision to teach for Covenant Academy, this verse kept coming to mind and helped her make the best choice for her and her family.

It is hard sometimes to give it all to God and to see the bigger picture. I know I think I can do it all myself! I admire Robin for having the faith to pray about those big decisions in life and then to listen to the answer. I also admire Tonya for being such a supportive friend.

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Ashley said…
Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It meant a lot to me. Your work is awesome and I enjoy looking at something new everything. Thank you Again!
Tonya said…
Thanks so much Brandie! Robin loved her gift. It was a big hit at Open House last night. Lynesa also loved her teacher canvas. Thanks for helping me with our back to school gifts again!
Robin Burton said…
Thanks for the beautiful canvas, Brandie! It looks great in my new classroom at Covenant. It reminds me to trust in God's plans for me, my family, my students. Since you so beautifully made it, it makes me think of you. We had fun being teaching neighbors those years at Bobby Ray. I think about you guys a lot. I hope you all have a great year. Tell all the ladies I said hello.