A Beach Welcome

This pretty beach canvas completes Kandice Patrick's ordered. She requested white, pink, and aqua with a few shells for her canvas. I drug out my shell collection and went to work! I even found this cute new font to keep with the casual feel.

I am so enjoying reading about all your best, and now worst, summers. Laura Kate, bless your heart! Keep them coming...just a few more days until the drawing.
Here are my top five best summer moments, in no particular order, of course:
1. Last summer when Mike and I went to Europe to celebrate our tenth anniversary.
2. Summer 2001 Carter was born.
3. Summer circa 1986 My mom, dad, sister (Em wasn't born yet!), Granny, and Papa loaded up in a station wagon and drove to California. I know I've talked about the Griswald's before, but this is exact.
4. Summer 1987 Emily was born. I was twelve and she rocked my little world.
5. Summer 1994 I spent the summer college semester in Italy. It was time for me to figure out my priorities and what I wanted out of life. Plus, I had a really good time!

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kandice. said…
i love my canvas theyre gorgeous! thanks again. i also posted a link to your drawing on my site :)