Our vacation is officially underway. Here is a brief recap of events so far:

Day One:
We spent most of the first day in the car driving from home to Roanoke, Virginia. There is not a lot of "stuff" along the way, but the mountains are gorgeous. The Blue Ridge Parkway truly is a breathtaking drive. We also watched The Little Mermaid and Scooby Doo.

Day Two:
We drove from Roanoke to Charlottesville, Virginia and enjoyed the day at Montecello, Thomas Jefferson's home. They offered a children's tour that was very interesting. Lauren had a to come soon. After some time in the pool and a nice outdoor dinner, she was much better. I think she was little disappointed. She thought we were going to Tom and Jerry's house!

Day Three:
We made the short drive from Charlottesville to Williamsburg. We went to the Jamestown settlement. I went reluctantly, having already hit my historical limit, and was pleasantly surprised. I loved that everything was hands-on. It wasn't too big and was very new and clean.

Day Four:
We actually went to Williamsburg on a 100 degree day with two small children. You can see where this is going. It was too big and there was no children's tour. I think it was a bit over their heads and we ended up at the hotel pool pretty quick. On the plus side, Williamsburg has one of the best outlet malls I've ever been to...LL Bean and Columbia!

Day Five:
Today we drove from Williamsburg to Baltimore with one major stop at the Potomac Mills Mall. It is a lot like Opry Mills, only bigger. The kids got to do a Build-A-Bear for the first time. I always say no, but I figured we are on vacation! They loved it and it kept them busy in the van for the horrendous traffic jam that was the Washington D.C. by-pass. It ended up taking a lot longer to get here than we planned. All we had time to do tonight was eat dinner at the ESPN Zone and get some groceries for breakfast. There is a Whole Foods store next door, so I loitered there for a while! Tomorrow...the aquarium!

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