A Day at the Pool

We were invited to spend the day at our friend Amy Crouch's beautiful new pool in Cookeville. We don't get to see Amy and Brooklyn very much, so this was a treat. Her sister, Allison Stiles, and her children are in town from Ohio, so we were very excited to see them, too. We've been friends literally forever. It was so nice to really talk and let the kids play for a long while. I can't think of a better way to pass a sunny summer day!
Check out my handsome little nephew, Ian. What a heartbreaker with those big eyes!

Lauren loves to be in the water...with her Cookie Monster swimmies, of course!

Speaking of heartbreakers, my Carter looks so grown up!

Thank you so very much, Amy!

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Ashley Barnes said…
This pics are so cute! We do have good looking children, if I do say so myself... lol. We had a fun day!