Carter is Seven!

My sweet baby Carter is seven years old today. I don't think he likes me calling him "sweet baby" anymore! It does not seem like seven years ago that he came into our lives. But then again, I can't remember life without him. I've chosen some oldies but goodies from his photo file to share in celebration of his birthday.
He was almost four years old when Lauren came along. He was very excited to become a big brother. As always with Carter, there were no fewer than a million questions.

We love our trips and Carter is definitely not immune to the travel bug! Like most kids, he loves to go to Gatlinburg. His Pa took him to Cherokee on one trip. He got to get his face painted and came home with a spear and a headdress. You know, all that good stuff that mom and dad say no to!

Carter wants to be just like his dad. He likes to work in the yard with him, but his favorite thing to do with his dad is play sports, watch sports, read sports, and just talk sports. It doesn't matter what sport! The only thing they don't have in common is khaki pants. Mike wears them every single day and Carter has to be bribed into his on Sunday mornings only.

Carter with two of his favorite things...his uncle Adam and eating. Adam does farming, fishing, hunting, and all of that manly stuff Carter loves. He thinks Adam hung the moon and stars. Carter is also known for his eating ability. There isn't really a food he doesn't like. Adam took him out for catfish the other night and he is still talking about it!

Happy Birthday!

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Saylorsmom said…
Happy Birthday Carter!

Love Saylor
Tenara King said…
How sweet! Hope he has a great day! It doesn't matter how old the boy get; he will always be his mommy's baby!!!!
Ashley Barnes said…
Happy Birthday Carter! We love you!

Love, Adam, Ashley, & Ian