What is more American than the flag and baseball? I did these two flags this week, just in time for Independence Day. The pretty paisley flag is for Brandi Murphy. I did a few of these last year and am happy to see them back again. Fourth of July festive, but not quite traditional. It reminds me of a Vera Bradley bag!

The bottom flag is for the Instructional Coordinator at Bobby Ray, Delia Walker. Delia was so helpful and supportive during my first year in the fifth grade that I wanted to make her a little thank you gift. Her family is a very athletic one! Instead of stars, those are tiny baseballs. There are also bats lined up along the red stripes.

If you need a flag before the fourth, please get your order in this week. Both of these are 8x10 and cost $25.00. Please see the price list for flags in other sizes. Thanks!

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