UT Time!

Even though it's not football season, the UT canvases are still very popular. I guess that orange and white spirit lasts all year round! The polka dots went to John and Joy Tubb. They are getting their house put back together after the tornado. Now they have something new to hang on the front door!

My good friend and coworker, Janet Nunley, ordered this one for a new baby in her family, Trence Houston. He has a UT themed nursery. This will be so cute hanging on the door during nap time!

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Joy & I LOVE the canvas! Everyone who has come to our home since we got it has really bragged about your work. Joy has the other paintings in the kitchen and hanging on the den door that separates the kitchen from the den.

Thank You for everything you do for Joy and our family!

John Tubb
We love this! Janet gave it to us on Mother's day. Too cute and was a great add in to the nursery. We didn't have anything to put on the doorknob yet, so it was perfect. You did a great job!