This Is What I Feel Like...

Riley on the outside, D on the inside...both loving the warm sunshine.

You know that zapped feeling you get when lying in the sun too long? That is what I feel like. My last day of school was today and even though I've had a fantastic year with a great group of kids and coworkers, I am ready for a break. My brain is fried! My feet are tired! My back hurts...I am enjoying the heating pad right now!
Here's to summer break. Here's to not wearing make up, not taking a shower as soon as you roll out of bed, cartoons on the couch with my kids, actually cooking a planned dinner, not planning a lesson, staying up late, and best of all, vacation!
My little birds are ready to leave the nest and fly away to the middle school. They have brought me many laughs and many funny stories to tell. I learned along with them as we plowed through those SPI's. My first year in fifth grade will be marked with their faces. I'll miss you guys!

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Sheila said…
Brandie, I agree Summer Vacation is #1 on my list! All the other things you listed are on top
I really have enjoyed working at B.R. with you this year. You are a great teacher, your students are blessed to have you.
Have a great summer break....