Mother's Day

Nicole Crouch is one of the best and busiest ladies around. She is a wonderful friend, teacher, and especially mother. She handles her four, that's right, four girls with such grace and calmness that she amazes me. They are always at church on time looking beautiful, put together, and often times matching. She never seems out of breath, in a rush, or unorganized. All of this is, of course, the total opposite of me! I only have two! Anyway, my hat's off to you, Nicole!
Nicole ordered this 8x24 canvas for her mother, Elaine Neal, as her Mother's Day gift. All of her grandchildren's names are on the daisies. Nicole requested the fresh colors of lime, yellow, and orange. When I found that beautiful striped ribbon the whole thing came together.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you enjoyed your special day!

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Nicole said…
I think the grammar is all wrong on this piece of art.