Lauren's Shiner

My sweet baby girl has a black eye! I know it all a part of growing up but it is just painful for me to even look at.
She took a header in the Applebee's parking lot after my birthday dinner Thursday night. She was returning a cake plate I had borrowed from my mom. When carefully going from one car to the other, she tripped on one of those parking place stoppers.
Actually, we are very lucky. If it had been just a tiny bit higher, she could have lost or damaged her vision. All of the glass is out, the swelling is way down, and the bruising will just take a while.

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Saylorsmom said…
Lauren you sweet girl that looks so pitiful! I hope you are better soon!!
Mim said…
We are blessed! So thankful that the injury wasn't worse. Lauren is beautiful even with a "shiner."
Take care of your princess!
Mandy said…
Oh Brandie! Bless her heart (and yours). I am glad she is ok. And Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was great. At least we are getting old together. LOL!