Go Titans!

Carter is a member of the Titan's Kid's Club. It is $9.99 to join for one year. He got a really nice packet of school supples ant the beginning of the school year. He also gets a monthly newsletter and posters in the mail. Best of all, they sent him an invitation to the Kid's Club Day at LP Field. If you have a little Titan's fan in your family, go to their site and join. It is totally worth it!
At the Kid's Club Day lat Saturday, he got to meet several players and really spend some time with them. They were all so friendly! He also got to meet T-Rac and get in the T-Racmobile. They had lunch, a speaker, and then got to tour the locker rooms. Needless to say, he thought he was on cloud nine!

How cool is he? My baby looks so grown up!

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Saylorsmom said…
That is awesome Brandie! He looks so cute too.
LeAnne Grissom said…
Do we see early retirement in your future. He looks like a natural on that field. Have a great day.