Walk Power Walk

My weight loss has hit a "plateau" as a doctor would put it. It don't think it has plateaued, I think it has stopped completely. It had to do with the cold weather, the holidays, the shorter days, and, let's face it, my waning commitment. I am doing my best now to get back on the wagon. Girls, it is hard! I think it is the hardest thing I have ever done.
I don't usually push products, but I really like the Leslie Sansone Power Walk DVD's. They are good to do when you can't get away, which is several nights a week for me. I have been doing them so much lately that my kids have joined in. They hear the opening bars of music and run to get their stretchy bands. Thank goodness they came in a pack of three!
I have added the weight loss ticker at the bottom of the site. I am going to weigh myself every Monday and record the difference. I am also writing down what I eat each day. Being the visual person that I am, this really helps me.
I don't know what your goals are, but now you know mine. Let's all encourage each other to work hard to meet them. Sometimes a kind or positive word from someone can make all of the difference. The reward will be sweeter than any dessert!

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Ashley's Attic said…
I love Carter's sweat shirt in the pictures! Has Seth seen it? It looks like one he would love (and want to buy for Chalee). Way to go on the healthy living. I think you're beautiful just the way you are, of course, but the excercise and portion control thing is always good for the body...maybe that'll jump-start my plans (intentions) to do the same!
Anonymous said…
If only Davey were that cute doing my workout tape with me...I might be more motivated then! I need a walking and gym class buddy when I return home-

(hint hint, that means kickboxing is calling your name)

Girl Leslie Sansone rocks! I did her taped through my pregnancies and I love them. Hang in there- YOU ARE DOING GREAT! I am very proud of you!!!
Mim said…
Please share the name of the DVD's that you suggest. I searched Leslie Sansone and there were several. I'm in such a funk and haven't exercised in ages. I need to try to tone arms also. I have 5 lb. weights. I'll await your answer and hopefully I can "get up and get going."
Elaine Alsup