Peter Pan

My whole family went to see Peter Pan at the Cumberland County Playhouse a couple of weekends ago. It was Ashley's birthday so we planned a fun evening out. It was such a good show! We are already picking a date to go see Beauty and the Beast which is coming this summer.

The part that my children like the most is getting to meet some of the characters after the play. They come out into the lobby and talk with audience members and sign autographs. Here is Peter giving Lauren and Carter some pixie dust. We also go to meet Wendy and some of the lost boys.

Lauren especially like Peter. She hung onto every word...and the pixie dust.

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Carrie said…
Hi - I was just doing some blog skipping through "next blog" and wanted to let you know that I really like your blog design. Awesome color scheme, best of luck to you.
The Craven's said…
Are you teaching the Art class for our 2+2 class this fall through Tech at Motlow? I'm keeping my fingers crossed!