Hippie Chic

Lacy Pack redeemed a gift certificate she won in a beauty pageant for a canvas for her dorm room as she heads to college this fall.
She sent me what has to be the most unusual color combination I have been asked to do so far. Her bedding and room accessories are sage green, lavender, and black tie dyed. I had to ask her to send me a photo!
The photo helped me visualize and look closely at the tie dye. Tie dye is actually very difficult to paint. It is very blended and irregular and it has a certain feel that is hard to capture. Anyway, it does compliment the bedding! I also chose this new kind of hippie chic font for her name.
I hope Lacy loves it and has a wonderful, successful college experience! Best of luck!

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LeAnne Grissom said…
I love the tie dye. It is so cute. The colors are great too. Good job again. Have a great day.