Dresses Just in Time for Summer!

I have these two adorable little dresses ready for personalization and delivery. A dress personalized with a name, monogram, or even a short quote would make a perfect birthday gift. Get LeAnn to make you a bow to match and you are good to go! The black one is a 4T (Lauren has her eye on it already!) and the royal blue one is a 3T.

I hate that the camera washed this one out a little. It really is bright and cheery with those funky flowers! I also have both colors in a couple of other sizes that have not been painted on...yet! They are ready to be truly customized. If you have a special theme or occasion and need the perfect dress, just let me know. I only have a few! They are $25 each.

I have 18M rompers and several sizes of short sleeve t-shirts that are available. They will be posted soon!

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