Beauty Queen

Lauren's Aunt Emily has made quite the impact on her. After going to see her in all of her pageants, Lauren really wanted to do one. I think all of the sequins got to her! Me, being all practical, said no because she is so young. Mike's school, Irving College, had a very small fundraiser pageant. We caved and said okay to that one. Lauren got second runner up in her age group. Most importantly, she felt like queen for a day.
Here is our little princess getting flowers from her daddy. Notice that she also got a tiara from her Gen.
Finally, the best picture of the night...frustration sets in backstage.

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Anonymous said…
love the pics, especially the last one! Sequins do have a tendency to cause minor breakdowns at times. But I was so proud of my future pageant partner:)And you know she is already wanting to do more...must run in the blood

-Aunt Em
Ashley Barnes said…
That last picture is hilarious!