My Budding Artist

My little artist, Carter, drew these little masterpieces on the back of attendance cards during church last Sunday. I guess he was commemorating the three current major holidays. I thought they were just so cute that I had to share, proud mom that I am. Check out the rabbit's teeth!

Spelling might not be his gift! Luckily, he has the art thing as a back-up! I am just kidding. I know I am biased, but I think he is pretty bright.

Okay, I adore the big, fat cupid! If you have kids' artwork I challenge all of my blog buddies out there to share it. We all love to see the world through children's eyes. It is always simple, funny, colorful, and happy...the way it should be!


Ashley Barnes said…
My little Cartie is so talented!
Sheila said…
Carter I thought I had left a compliment on your art work! I think it is just wonderful! I hope you have a great Spring Break!
Brandie you are a wonderful mom, and this just proves your love!