Hoop Dreams

Mike took Carter to Birmingham to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. They are both big Vols fans, so were thrilled to get to see them play...twice! They got to have some "guy time". Lauren and I got the opportunity to do some really important "girl stuff" as well.

Carter is like his Mama in the fact that he likes to watch the crowd. That is how I entertain myself when I get roped into these events. He gave me a full rundown on what all of the mascots were doing during the games. He has decided that is what he wants to be when he grows up!

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You have such a beautiful family! I am so glad that Carter and Mike went to the game. That is a memory that Carter nor Mike will never forget! Little things that we take for granted, kids store away in that "memory file".

I have a friend who says that she tries to be "Mother of the Year", but feels like she fails and I always tell her that her children love her and love the "Little Things" instead of the "Big Ones".

Keep up the good work, by being such a good christian example for all of us! I am truely blessed by having such friends like you and your family!

Only Throug Him,

Mim said…
Great photos of the tournament games. I was hoping to catch a glance of those two as I watched from home but didn't see them. I know they had a blast and lots of memories were made over the weekend. Be strong Brandie, these games will be over Aprl 7th!